Why writers need to read

I love it when I come across blogpost from writers who get it. In the decade I’ve been working with new and experienced authors, there’s a couple of things I’ve learned.

1. Not all aspiring authors who want to be published want to be a “Writer.”

2. Writers who want to be published love and find the time to read.

Here’s why I’ve come to this conclusion. There are some people who want to publish a book because they know valuable information that would make them an authority in their field, or they simply want to make money for their brand. Some people also just want to tell their story to help someone else, which takes courage!

There are also writers who have a love for words, they have a passion for storytelling, they want to perfect their craft. They also LOVE the pursuit of literary success. The journey is awesome!

No matter which path you’re on, it’s still a great idea to READ if you want to write a book.

Blogger Jan Fortune wrote a great post about this below! Click to read. I hope it inspires you today!

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