How to become an authority on a subject

My husband and I had a conversation about his desire to write a book. Like many of us, he has his own story that involves traumatic situations and a long healing journey. The purpose behind his book would touch on a very specific subject and the impact would be massive. I simply encouraged him to do it because so many people would benefit from reading his story and hearing his encouragement. I could visualize him as an authority figure on this subject because I know how passionate he is about helping people grow. He thought he needed more time since he’s still growing in that area. Truthfully, I disagreed.

Here’s why.

I believe we are all constantly growing. Life is constantly giving us challenge after challenge to overcome. After certain books are written by people who are deemed “experts,” I guarantee you they are still growing, changing, and evolving. Becoming an author does not mean you have arrived or reached perfection.

I’ll never forget working with an author who wrote a book about her journey having miscarriages. She wrote a book to encourage other women who were facing the same trauma. She wanted them to know that they could also be a mom one day if that was their hearts desire. She quickly became an “expert” or “authority” on this subject, based on her experience and research. During the time of her book release, she did not have children. Her little miracles came after her book was published. She did not know whether she would have kids, but she had faith and knew that one day she would be a mom. Her story was still unfolding and that didn’t stop her from writing her book.

Some would say, “What qualifies you to write about something that you’re still healing from or about something that’s still a challenge in your life?” I say, it’s simple. You can become an authority on a subject matter in a few ways. You have your own life experiences– and they matter. You don’t need a college degree. You don’t need a license or certificate. Education is helpful and beneficial, but it is not required. Here are a few practical ways that you can share your story, or write a book on a specific area of interest as an authority figure.

First, you need to find your niche and start learning more about it. If you’re telling your personal story, that’s great. In addition personal experiences, research the subject and become familiar with the terms, concepts and theories associated with it. Read books, articles, blogs and other materials related to the subject. Attend webinars and conferences and talk to experts in the field. This will help you gain valuable knowledge and insights.

Second, start putting your knowledge into practice. Start a blog or website and share your ideas, experiences and insights related to the subject. Reach out to industry leaders and ask them for advice and guidance. Participate in online forums and discussion boards related to the topic.

Third, network with other experts in the field. Connect with them on social media, attend events and conferences, and join professional organizations related to the topic. This will help you build relationships with other experts and increase your visibility in the industry.

Finally, stay current. Keep up with the latest developments in the field and stay informed about the latest trends and developments. Share your insights in blog posts and articles, and participate in online forums and discussion boards.

By following these steps, you can become an authority in your chosen field. Good luck!

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