Inspired to Aspire

When I was younger, I dreamed about being a cook or a teacher, making dirt and uncooked beans into exquisite 3-course meals. Instead, I would play school with my little brother and fail him on every assignment I gave. I know I am the reason he holds such disdain for anything school related. I thought I knew the path my life would take, thought everything was set for me, but then I met a pen and paper for the first time. I struggled with learning to read and write, so by the time I was in the 3rd grade, and I could only do simple words. Then, I met an amazing teacher who made me feel like I could do anything and introduced me to storytelling. It initially intimidated me how the empty page looked back at me, waiting for me to write something. Well, I finally got the courage to write my first manuscript (100 pages front and back). And I knew from that point on my life had been altered.

The world around me inspires me. My mother and I would people-watch and come up with different stories of situations and scenarios. Finally, I realized that telling stories and writing had become something I loved to do. So, I took those stories my mother created and wrote them out. Then I started practicing writing down any and every book idea I had. Now at 22 years old, I am still writing, trying to make the child in me proud. I am inspired by everything. By a person walking by, a conversation I heard, or a meme I saw on my social media. Sometimes all it takes is that one thing that sets off a chain of events that could improve your life. Because writing does not come as naturally to me as it does to others, it made me fall in love with each step of the process. Writing my novel has been rough around the edges, but in hopes of making that little girl inside me proud, I will continue until I complete my manuscript, and maybe one day, who knows, I am even publishing it. The people around me inspire me, and one day I can inspire others the same way.

Tia Eley is an English major at Houston Community College, a fantasy writer, and a registered Behavior Technician for children with special needs. She is also the Communications Intern at Create and Blossom Studios. Follow Tia on TikTok at @WordsThroughChaos.

5 thoughts on “Inspired to Aspire

  1. Tia,
    You definitely have stories to tell and you will publish sooner than you think. I will be one of the first to purchase and have a signed copy . Keep dreaming big because there is nothing you can’t achieve.


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