How writing helps me heal

If you ask my mom, all of her children have a purpose in the role we have in our family. My sister is “The Fighter”— ready to come down on anyone willing to hurt the people she loves. My big brother is “The Protector”—he’ll protect us from others and even ourselves at times. My little brother, TJ, is “The Jokester.” He can make you laugh no matter the circumstance. As for me, I give love no matter the consequence. I believe to love is to live even if it hurts you. But how do I keep going when the cut is too deep?

I write like the world’s end is tomorrow; only my book can save it.

-Tia Eley

I write like the world’s end is tomorrow; only my book can save it. All of my family’s roles are important and needed. Sometimes the fighter needs to remember what she is fighting for. Other times the protector needs to remember how to laugh. No matter how we try to protect, fight, love, and laugh through the pain, we all still need to find healing. I discovered mine through writing

I write about my family. I write about a different world I have created in my head, so I wouldn’t have to face this one all the time. I write because my family has fought, laughed, and protected the creator in me. They protect me so that one day I will be a best-selling author. I write to heal what is broken for my family and me.

Writing will not magically make the issues go away. It doesn’t matter how many main characters slay the villain; it will not change what is happening in the world around me. But with each word I write, the pieces that need to be more put together start to fit into place. I do not expect my writing to heal my family, but I hope the more healing I seek, so will they. Sometimes all you need is a loved one to heal to remind you that can do it too.

I want my family to see how writing heals me so they can find the same for themselves. Though writing is healing, I would not seek recovery without my family. To the fighter, protector, and joker, thank you for making sure I could love and write freely.

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