Our top five places to write

A writer’s life consists of many things, like determining the best way to outline your manuscript and staying focused. We face rejection; we practice commitment while strategizing ways to sell copies of our books. It can be a full-time job. In fact, for many writers, it is. So another task to add to your ever-increasing to-do list is locating the best writing space to do all of this. And believe me, it may change from day to day.

In undergrad, I recall having an affection for coffee shops and bookstores. They created the best environment for my creative juices. And although college research papers may allow minimal creativity, I still needed a place where my mind felt inspired. Something about the smell of coffee, the sound of the coffee machines, the smell of new books, and the quietness of a library motivates me. A little later, the outdoors became my favorite place to write. Today, it still is. 

It’s important to consider where you write. Your location can be critical to the success of your writing goals. Additionally, I believe one cure for writer’s block is relocating to another space. It’s worth a try.

Here are our top five places to write. 

  1. A coffee shop: Many writers find the background hum of a coffee shop to be the perfect balance of noise and productivity.
  2. A public library: Libraries offer a quiet environment with minimal distractions, making them an ideal location for focused writing.
  3. A park/lake: Nature can be a great source of inspiration for writers. Whether it’s a park, a beach, or a hiking trail, being outdoors can help clear the mind and spark creativity.
  4. A bookstore: Being around books can spark inspiration for those who prefer to work at a bookstore. Walk around different aisles and look inside a few books! It’s a perfect place to get inspired!
  5. A beach: Similarly to being at a park or lake, the beach offers magical soothing scenes that are perfect for writers. The beach may be a great place to read, but consider allowing the peaceful waves to inspire creativity.

What’s your favorite place to write?

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