How writing helps me heal

If you ask my mom, all of her children have a purpose in the role we have in our family. My sister is “The Fighter”— ready to come down on anyone willing to hurt the people she loves. My big brother is “The Protector”—he’ll protect us from others and even ourselves at times. My littleContinue reading “How writing helps me heal”

Writing Tips: Staying focused

As an aspiring author, I sometimes need help focusing on my current work. This is because I have started and stopped so many stories. I am learning that writing is not a race but a marathon, and the marathon does not start until you finish your first manuscript. Until then, you are at the startingContinue reading “Writing Tips: Staying focused”

Inspired to Aspire

When I was younger, I dreamed about being a cook or a teacher, making dirt and uncooked beans into exquisite 3-course meals. Instead, I would play school with my little brother and fail him on every assignment I gave. I know I am the reason he holds such disdain for anything school related. I thoughtContinue reading “Inspired to Aspire”