Writing trauma scenes in fiction and non-fiction

When it comes to storytelling, one of the key distinctions between fiction and non-fiction books lies in the source of inspiration. Fiction books are born from the author’s imagination, where they have the freedom to create characters, settings, and events that may be entirely fictional. On the other hand, non-fiction books are based on real-lifeContinue reading “Writing trauma scenes in fiction and non-fiction”

Why fantasy is for everyone and how to tell your story

Written by: Tia Eley For my birthday my boyfriend took me to one of my favorites places on earth— a book store. But, this wasn’t just any bookstore. It was a bookstore that primarily carried titles by African American authors. You would have thought I was a kid in a candy shop. I bounced aroundContinue reading “Why fantasy is for everyone and how to tell your story”

Listen to Veterans share their impactful stories

Listening to Veterans tell their stories is an important way to honor their service and sacrifice. These men and women have served their country in times of war and peace, and their experiences offer a unique perspective on history. By taking the time to listen to their stories, we can gain a better understanding ofContinue reading “Listen to Veterans share their impactful stories”

National Novel Writing Month: Tips and Tricks

National Novel Writing Month, also known as NaNoWriMo, is an annual event where writers from all over the world come together to write a novel in just one month. It’s a challenging task, but with the right mindset and tips, anyone can participate and succeed. I’ll never forget the first time I participated. One ofContinue reading “National Novel Writing Month: Tips and Tricks”

How to be a Relentless Writer

Relentless means to never give up in your pursuit. This is important for everyone pursuing a dream, especially aspiring authors. It is crucial to stay motivated and determined when working on your book or any writing project because writing can be a challenging and sometimes frustrating task when you’re faced with a blank page andContinue reading “How to be a Relentless Writer”

The Power of Perspective: Experimenting with Narrative Voice and Point of View

Have you ever pondered over the distinction between writing in narrative voice and first person point of view? When I first started writing books, I had a basic understanding of the two concepts, but I was eager to learn the correct method for using them in a novel. I quickly developed a fondness for writingContinue reading “The Power of Perspective: Experimenting with Narrative Voice and Point of View”

Developing Realistic Characters

Creating characters that feel like real people is an essential part of writing compelling fiction. Whether you are writing a novel, short story, or screenplay, developing realistic characters is crucial to keeping readers engaged. Here are some tips for developing realistic characters: By following these tips, you can create characters that feel like real peopleContinue reading “Developing Realistic Characters”

The Fundamentals of Storytelling

Writing a story can be an intimidating task for many. People often wonder where to start, what important elements are required to tell their story effectively, and how to make it interesting enough to keep their audience engaged. All of this can create instant pressure. To feel more prepared, it is essential to learn theContinue reading “The Fundamentals of Storytelling”

How writers can help during global catastrophes

The current events unfolding in Israel have been nothing short of heartbreaking. News outlets around the world are sharing the stories and images, reminding us of the gravity of the situation. As a writer, it can be difficult to process these events and feel a sense of powerlessness. I am fortunate to have friends whoContinue reading “How writers can help during global catastrophes”

Storytelling helps change lives

When you hear a story about someone who has overcome challenges similar to your own, it can help you see your situation in a new light. Read more!