Five reasons why you should write a book

Writing a book can be an incredibly rewarding experience that can offer a wide range of benefits to both the writer and the reader. First and foremost, writing a book can be a way to share your unique perspective and insights with the world. Whether you have a story to tell, a message to convey,Continue reading “Five reasons why you should write a book”

The benefits of using writing prompts

Writing prompts are an excellent tool for writers of all levels who are seeking inspiration or struggling with writer’s block. Prompts offer a starting point, a direction, or a theme for creative writing, which can lead to unexpected and exciting places. They can help to expand the writer’s vocabulary and imagination, as well as developContinue reading “The benefits of using writing prompts”

[Blog] Overcome rejection and press forward

If you have ever made an attempt to become traditionally published, you may have experienced rejection from literary agents. If you self-published your book and received negative reviews, you may feel rejected by readers. If you’ve sought support from family and friends and only received a few smiles and a couple pats on your back,Continue reading “[Blog] Overcome rejection and press forward”

How to engage at your author event

If you want to make money as an author, include author events on your marketing plan. Events are the perfect opportunity to meet residence in your community, connect with other authors and small businesses, and sell books. If you are an author and you haven’t started scheduling book signings, it’s time to do so. Now,Continue reading “How to engage at your author event”