How to (and should you) write a book in 30 days

Let me start today’s post with a question. How many of you have noticed how fast people want things finished? Leave a comment below if you notice the same thing. Seriously– my observation is that we are living in a very fast-paced time. Just look at shows like “Married at First Sight” which is aContinue reading “How to (and should you) write a book in 30 days”

Is your work-in-progress culturally relevant?

I had a great conversation with my sister yesterday morning. She hadn’t seen the new Fresh Prince of Belair– the reboot of the popular 90s sitcom that starred mega superstar Will Smith. The original Fresh Prince was a show we watched religiously. I recall grabbing the remote control, flopping on the edge of my bed,Continue reading “Is your work-in-progress culturally relevant?”

Book Marketing and Book Publicity Services

I remember feeling a lot of excitement, anxiety and uncertainty when I first became an author. I wasn’t sure how I was going to sell books. Through another friend, I met a book publicist, but I couldn’t afford to hire her. I quickly realized I was on my own and had to learn the hard way.

Central Texas author coaches aspiring authors through book-writing process; inspires kids to enjoy literature

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – After publishing six books, a Central Texas author is spending her time sharing her love of books with local students, while also sharing her knowledge of book-writing with adults.

Can I use social media content to write a book?

The short answer is yes. It’s simple; content is content. It doesn’t matter what type of program you use to write it. If you have consistently used social media (ex: Facebook, Instagram) to expound on a topic of your interest, you can use it to construct your book.

I was a young ambitious writer. I wanted to share hope. I wanted to share faith. I wanted to touch hearts. I’m grateful for growth, and I’m also thankful for the entire journey— all of it! It’s been a true blessing. -Kennisha

Enjoy the journey!

I’ve had the extreme pleasure of working with many different authors over fifteen years. Fifteen years. That timespan alone gives me pause. My oldest son was a baby when I first expressed a serious interest in writing books. I always loved communicating and was once labeled a “motor mouth.” Who would have known I’d commitContinue reading “Enjoy the journey!”

Why writers need to read

I love it when I come across blogpost from writers who get it. In the decade I’ve been working with new and experienced authors, there’s a couple of things I’ve learned. 1. Not all aspiring authors who want to be published want to be a “Writer.” 2. Writers who want to be published love andContinue reading “Why writers need to read”