Writers, take a break.

There is a time to write and there is a time to rest.

Have you ever sat in front of your computer in the middle of the night to write “a little bit more” before getting in bed? Tell the truth. I most certainly have. In fact, I recall a night when I told myself I would just finish this one chapter. I ended up writing three more chapters and going to bed around 3am. The worst part is, I had toddlers who would always wake up bright and early. I was exhausted and had to function on three hours of sleep. I know it’s normal to feel excited when your words are flowing. Keep in mind something important; rest is GOOD for your body. You aren’t a machine.

Rest is an essential part of being productive and creative as a writer. While it’s easy to let yourself get caught up in the excitement of a new project or the thrill of finishing a piece of writing, it’s important to take time to rest and recharge. Writers often have to spend long hours in front of a computer, and that can take a toll on their mental and physical health. Taking regular breaks to rest can help you stay focused and productive, and can also help prevent burnout.

Rest can also be beneficial for creative problem solving. Ideas don’t always come quickly, and sometimes stepping away from a project can give the mind a chance to process and come up with new solutions. A good night’s sleep can also help you remember information better, and even give them new insights into their work.

It’s important for writers to make sure they are getting enough rest and taking breaks throughout the day. Here are few excellent recommendations: Take a walk, read a book, or do something else that helps you relax and recharge. Please keep these suggestions in mind. Create a schedule and stick to it. Take regular breaks so that you’ll stay productive and creative, which can help prevent burnout.

When do you find time to rest? What’s your favorite thing to do when you step away from writing?

All the best,


Published by Kennisha Griffin

Kennisha Griffin is an author of eight inspirational books that are fiction and non-fiction, and has served the writing community for 15 years. She is the owner of Create and Blossom Studios, a book writing, publishing, and publicity firm that helps authors establish their new careers and share messages of hope. Kennisha and her family reside in Central Texas.

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